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Whether you are a Sole Trader, Partnership, Charity or Limited Company we can help you with all aspects of your Tax affairs. When it comes to Tax we know it can be complicated and difficult to remember specific details; but that is what we are here for.

Corporation Tax

All limited companies are subject to Corporation Tax. This tax is charged as a percentage of the annual profits made by a company.

We can calculate and prepare Corporation Tax Returns and file them on your behalf as well as helping you to plan a tax efficient approach to every aspect of your business,

Self Assessment Income Tax

Income tax is tax on your earnings; once your earnings go above your personal allowance you must pay tax. If you receive income from any of the sources listed below you may need to file a self-assessment tax return;

  • Income from employment

  • Income from pensions

  • Interest on savings

  • Rental income

  • Employment benefits

  • Income from a trust

If you can provide us with the relevant information we can calculate, prepare

and file your Self Assessment Tax Returns. We will also let you know how much

needs to be paid to HMRC and when the payment deadline is.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax is tax on the profit when you sell an asset that has increased

in value; this is most commonly seen on the sale of a property, land or

investments. It is sometimes overlooked but advance tax planning can help minimise tax liabilities arising. When gifting assets to relatives, or other beneficiaries for Nil value Capital Gains Tax can still apply; catching some people out. 

If you are thinking of selling an asset we can advise you on how Capital Gains Tax may effect you; we can also calculate and submit our workings to HMRC.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax is a tax on the estate of someone who has died, including all property, possessions and money; it should normally be paid within six months after the person’s death. If the tax is not paid within this time frame; HMRC will start charging interest.

We can calculate your inheritance tax and prepare and submit a tax return on your behalf.

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