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VAT – Value Added Tax

If you are VAT registered or want to become VAT registered you will know that you are required to submit a VAT return to  HMRC on a regular basis; usually every three months.
We are here to guide you and answer all your questions for example;
What is exempt?
Why is there different rates of VAT on certain purchases and sales?
What are the different methods of paying VAT to HMRC?
How do I treat the VAT on sales and purchases abroad?
Am I entitled to a refund?

Becoming VAT Registered:

We will explore the options with you and determine if you are required to register (ie your sales exceed the threshold) or it is in your best interest.
We will then enrolled you with HMRC online and once set up, you will receive a registration certificate confirming your new VAT number. This is the number that should appear on your sales invoices if you wish to charge VAT on your sales.

VAT Returns:

If you decide you would like us to calculate your VAT or just submit your figures we will let you know what we require and when.

Our clients value this service as they are safe in the knowledge that we will never let them miss a deadline or receive a penalty.

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