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Company Administration

Company Secretarial Services

Limited Companies have to adhere to certain procedures that need to be followed each and every year. All of these procedures can be dealt with by us on your company’s behalf or we can advise you on how to tackle them. We can also act as your company’s  registered office  if required.

Office Management

This covers a multitude of office sins. We can assist with time keeping, organisation and even make the space you have, work effectively for you.

It could be templating your documents to save time or improve you filing system.

The strong administration team in our business can add strength to yours.

Business Modelling

Formulating a model of your business can be as simple as creating a set of Accounts and a Balance sheet. Where necessary we can, however, use a number of techniques including Business Process Modelling programs (BPMN).

Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) is used by most large companies to get an accurate picture of their business. This can map out the stages of any process from, posting a letter to the delivery of products or services.

Debt Management

It would be lovely if everybody paid their bills on time. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

Knowing how to go about chasing debts and paying debts is crucial for your cashflow.

They say ‘money doesn’t make the world go round’ but it can certainly bring a business to a halt.

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